Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date

While I was in Minnesota Jim and the girl's had a daddy daughter date.  Cali got online and found one spot left at Ft. Stevens for Friday night so they decided to go camping.

It was the perfect way for them to celebrate Jim's birthday on Friday!

As soon as Jim got home from work they headed to the beach.  The girls had gotten all the camping stuff together and the food which included tin foil dinners and roasted corn for dinner!

For dessert the girls had made Jim a cake - his favorite from childhood- white cake with caramel frosting.

For breakfast Jim cooked up some concoction in the dutch oven - can't remember what he calls it.

They went for a bike ride around the lake and then a little fun on the beach.

 They ran into someone I know from CM - she recognized Tessa and then was nice enough to take a picture of all three of them together.

 Then they went exploring at Battery Russell.  There was a war re-enactment going on too.

And then some Farkle playing and hanging out around the campsite.

Fun time and lots of good memories from when we use to camp there when the kids were little.

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Anonymous said...

What a super birthday. Sorry I missed Jim on his BD. We're just leaving for Boise and a provident living seminar. We'll get back just in time for Church and to host an Open House for a couple who just returned from Palau. Thanks for sharing. Love, Tamara