Sunday, July 17, 2011

Perfect Portland Day

The last Saturday the kids were home was truly a Perfect Portland Day.  In more ways than one.

The weather was perfect and it was perfect because three of the four kids were home!  Tessa had to go back to Utah early for classes - we missed her every minute she was gone!

Clark has been waiting for a long time - over a year to go to a certain restaurant in Portland - The Screen Door.  Jim and I had been and had sent him a picture of their signature dish.  He couldn't wait to try it out!!

Chicken & Waffles.  Yes that is 3 chicken breasts on top of a sweet potato waffle.

 Both boys ordered it but only one boy finished it.  Can you guess which one??

I had the Praline and Bacon Waffles which was wonderful!!

After breakfast we headed down to the Saturday's Market.  Cali wanted to pick up some silver rings.

We had fun checking out the various booths and of course people watching.  Clark found a cute Portland t-shirt for Tessa for her birthday. It is always fun to listen to the street performers too.

This cute man kept telling me the picture would be better if I was in it.

From there we headed to the Park blocks for the Portland Farmer's Market where I picked up a few things for dinner.

The day continued from there and we went over to the Mississippi Street Fair which was fun and there were tons of people there.

You never know what you are going to see at fairs like this in Portland.  They are truly what "keeps Portland weird!"

Here is a fun band that was playing and walking down the street.

You could also pay and paint on this old car.  The kids thought it was a great idea and decided that is what we should do with the old white Volvo!!
Even though Logan was born and raised in Portland he had never had a Voo Doo Doughnut which is an institution in Portland - well he bought himself his first one at the fair!  He went for the peanutbutter and chocolate.

There was lots to see!
From there we went home and everyone just relaxed for a while and I fixed a nice big dinner for everyone even though we were still full from breakfast!

A perfect Portland day!!!

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