Friday, July 22, 2011


The kids left early Sunday morning to head back to Provo.  We missed them right away.  I was speaking in Sacrament meeting that day so I had a little something to keep my mind occupied.  My topic was being a good neighbor.

That evening Jim and I and our friends the Jensens went to a fireside over in Gladstone.  Elder Stanley, who had served in our ward two years ago and who Cali had known in Provo as his father had been in the bishopric of her freshman year was ending his mission.  His parents were coming to pick him up.  His mother and I had developed a friendship over the last few years and she was speaking at a fireside in Gladstone.

She is an amputee and shares her very inspiring and faith promoting story.  It was a wonderful fireside and so fun to see Elder Stanley again.  I also invited he and his parents to stay at our house after he was released.

They came on Monday after he was done at the mission home.  We enjoyed having them for a few days.  They spent the day visiting families and we had a nice dinner together.

They left on Wednesday morning and then I headed to Sisters to spend a few days with some friends at my friend Jane's new vacation home.  We had a great time and it was so nice to spend a few days in the warm sunshine.

We did a little hiking while we were there.  There were even some wildflowers still blooming.

 This was a mother daughter trip except I didn't have a daughter at home to take with me - so sad.  Glad they let me come anyway.  Here are the moms.

 After hiking along the Metolius River we went over to the Head of the Metolius.  The spot where the river actually comes out of the side of the hill.  Not too impressive.

 The chipmunks were cute though!

 There was an amazing full moon while we were there.

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