Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tree to Tree

Wednesday night Tessa and Jim headed back to Portland from the beach so that Tessa could fly out Thursday morning to be back in time for class at noon.  Thanks to Emily for picking her up at the airport and taking care of her until her siblings returned on Sunday!!

The rest of us stayed Wednesday night and came back to Portland Thursday after breakfast at Wanda's.  It was a cloudy,cold and drizzly day at the beach so it made it much easier to leave!

Friday we headed out to Haag Lake to the Tree to Tree Adventure Park.  It is a ropes and zip course.  The kids and Jim had a blast.
I was the official photographer but after we got there I wished I was doing it too.  They are opening a whole zip course the end of the summer so I will definitely be checking that out.

We are glad Clark was tall enough.

Everyone had to get oriented and learn how to put on their equipment.
Then on to the training course.  They all passed.

From there they got to do the "real" thing.  There were four different courses, each getting progressively harder.  Jim did three of them and the kids did all four.  Cali was amazing and kept right up with those brothers of hers!



Anonymous said...

What a fun adventure! I know my children would LOVE to do that. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures of your children too! You have the best history ever available for you and your posterity. Hugs from WA! Tamara

Emily said...

I'm glad that Clark was tall enough, but more grateful that there was a helmet that fit! :)

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

We were a little worried about that helmet! Fortunately i just needed to sit on top of his head to protect it from the wires!!