Monday, April 4, 2011

Mindy Gledhill

Last Tuesday, the night before I left for Utah Tessa and I went to see Mindy Gledhill in concert.
She is an LDS Independent Artist and we have been in love with her since we bought her Anchor CD.

We were so excited to see she was coming to Portland - actually Hillsboro.  She was performing at the Venetian which is an old restored theater where they have concerts and show old movies.

We invited Tessa's friend Rachel and her mom, Valentine to go with us.

 We went to a new pizza place in Hillsboro that does wood oven pizza.  It was yummy.

We ran into quite a few people we knew at the concert.
 We loved every minute of it and wished she would have sung longer.  Tessa got a t-shirt and a piece of her sheet music and of course a photo op!  Mindy told her she liked her outfit so she was thrilled!!

Mindy is four and a half months pregnant - who would know!!

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