Friday, March 25, 2011


Our second day we headed North to Astoria which is in the very North West corner of Oregon (about 45 minutes from the beach house)  Astoria is a charming little town with lots of Victorian, gingerbread style houses set up on a hill (alot like San Francisco)  There is a strong Scandinavian population in the area.

One of our first stops was Vintage Hardware.  It was so fun, we had a hard time leaving.  It is a vintage/salvage type store that is housed in the lobby of an old hotel.  The city had never done anything with it so this  man who loves to collect junk and create things out of it moved his store - Vintage Hardware into it and it is magical!

The crumbling remains of the hotel lobby remain and they fit right in with all of his junk!  Doors, windows, moldings, furniture, dishes just about anything you can think of.

 Glad they warned us!
 I so wanted to take this table and chair home with me but I didn't....
 There were lots of amazing doors.
 I loved the old original floor.  It reminded me of the floor we had in our bathroom in our old house.
 Old hotel dishes..

 We checked out a cute little cupcake store in Astoria too and I loved their light fixture.

 We then headed over to the Flavel House.  An old Victorian home in Astoria that was built by Captain Flavel who at one time was the richest man in America.

 We loved all the amazing Victorian features.  Both Tessa and I think we were born in the wrong era.

 Although I'm not sure I would have liked to bath in this tub.  The house had all the modern conveniences - indoor plumbing, electricity and even central heat.

We had a yummy lunch at a fun cafe - The Urban Cafe and then headed back to the house.

And then we get to enjoy this at night....

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Tamara said...

What a fun day--wish I could have tagged along. What a magnificent last picture. Glad you two are having such bonding time before Tess is off for another big adventure in her life!