Monday, April 4, 2011


On Wednesday I headed to Utah for the weekend. I was excited to be able to see the show that Cali was in. It was a student written and directed show called "To Thine Own Self Be True" It was about what it is like to be a woman at BYU. They did a great job. It was thought provoking and entertaining. A lot of good laughs, especially if you were ever or are a woman at BYU>

Here's the cast.
And a scene from the show.

As always we did some good eating. We tried out a new burrito place. Despite being part of a gas station it was really good! Their chips, salsa and guacamole were excellent. All three kids joined me and Lizzy. We ate early before Cali's show.

 Cali took me on a tour of her work place.  She sews on this industrial strength machine.  Her boss even sewed through a piece of plywood on one of the machines!  Pretty impressive.

 We did a little baking with Lizzy.  Well, I actually just watched and took photos.  She made a batch of yummy Nutella cupcakes.  Cali helped fill them with nutella.

I went to Cali's show Wednesday and Thursday.  The boys each joined me one night as well as Emily, Lizzy and David and Tricia - thanks for your support!!

After the Wednesday night show we were interviewed for BYU TV by a reporter who also reads my blog.  She loved the concept of the show and wanted to interview a mother/daughter about their experience of being a woman at BYU and how mother's can support their daughters.

We also went to The Chocolate both Wednesday and Thursday night for dessert.  Thursday night a few of my blog readers joined us which was really fun.

 Friday morning Tricia and I headed up to Tai Pan for a little shopping(I was very good since I only had my already full suitcase)  I did buy one thing that is going to have to live at Logan's until the next time we drive down!  Emily, Addi and Teresa met us for lunch at Sammy's where we enjoyed burgers, sweet potato fries and pie shakes - yum!!!

Friday night, in addition to a show performance Cali had a voice recital.  I was so glad I could be there for that too.  Her teacher put her first on the program and she sang and then left to get ready for her show.  She did an amazing job.  It was so fun to hear her sing!!
After dropping Cali off Logan and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Cafe Rio - had to get my fix!  We then headed over to Lizzy's Noteworthy concert (BYU's women acapella group)  It was a great show and they did a darling Jimmer number!  Emily joined us for the show.

Speaking of Jimmer, Logan and I also made a stop at the BYU bookstore to pick up a Jimmer shirt for our Jimmer.  He actually ended up with two - a Sweet Sixteen shirt and a number 32 shirt!

After the Noteworthy show we picked up Cali and the four of us went to Spark which is Provo's version of a nightclub.  They had some fun nonalcoholic drinks like a cotton candy Shirley Temple

Their version of cheesecake was amazing.  It was very thin graham cracker rounds with a creamcheese/whip cream mixture between and topped with berries - so good.

We also had the pork lollipops which were like won tons on the end of a stick with 3 different dipping sauces.  We had a great time and thanks to Logan for treating us!!

I picked up some cinnamon rolls from Shirley's for Saturday morning conference watching.  Cali spent the night with me at David and Tricia's and we watched the a.m. session - Logan joined us part way through.  We then headed up to SLC because I had tickets for the afternoon session.  Clark had been to the morning session with Lizzy and her mom and then to a BYU Law School reception so he met us for the afternoon session.

Before the session we stopped for lunch at a French Bakery/Cafe I had heard about  - Gourmandise in SLC and it was yummy.  The pastry case was amazing!!

Conference was wonderful and even better because we were there in person.  Afterwards, I was dropped off at the airport and they headed back to Provo so the boys could make it to Priesthood Session.

I ended up sitting at the airport for four hours as my plane was delayed due to the problem Southwest was having - fortunately my flight was not cancelled like so many that day, only delayed. And I didn't have any holes blow out in the roof of the plane either!!  I made it home about 10 p.m. safe and sound.

It was a great weekend and I am so grateful I got to go.  I loved seeing Cali perform and spending time with my boys!!

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Tamara said...

What a great few days in Utah--glad you got to go and enjoy so many things and so many family members. Love you! Good Luck on your presentation coming up soon.