Monday, March 7, 2011

Opening Night

Opening Night of Hairspray was a huge success.  An almost sold out crowd and a standing ovation!

The kids did a great job and it was so fun to see it all come together.  After having watched dress rehearsal several times without a full audience it was so fun to watch it with an audience and see how the crowd reacted to all the humor etc.  The crowd loved it!

Emily, the girls and Logan made it here about half way through the first act so they were able to sneak in and see the rest of the show.  It was a fun surprise for Tessa to see them at the end of the show.

Our neighbors the Adams were there to see the show too.

They were selling little autograph books that had pictures of the all the cast in it and it was fun to watch all the kids come up and ask for autographs.
We are so proud of our Tessa!!!

Here's Amber and Linc

And her good friend Rachel (Motormouth Maybelle)

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