Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tonight was MORP - that is the girl ask boy dance or Prom spelled backward.

Tessa and her group of friends decided to do it a little different this year.  They decided to put all the boy's names into a hat and each girl pull out a name and that would be their date.

The theme of the dance was neon so Tessa spent the better part of today trying to find something to wear.   She found a pair of neon pink leggings at Target which she wore under her jeans(the ones with all the holes) and then a neon yellow shirt at Plato's Closet - not a bad outfit for a total of $11.00!

Here's all the girls - they got together to get ready and were ready to go before the boys arrived.

So they had fun with the camera.

 OK mom - enough with the camera!

 The boys finally got there - I have no idea which one was Tessa's date.  She didn't introduce us.

They headed out for dinner at Chang's Mongolian Grill and then over to the dance.


Melinda said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this fly-on-the-wall peek at the group! Great group of young people! Creative way to choose who to ask, too!

How nostalgic I feel, not having anyone going to these dances any more. You must feel a bit wistful yourself, as this year is wrapping up.

Tamara said...

What a fun idea for morp--great pictures! See you soon!

Marixxa said...

I've seen a lot of people wearing torn jeans but first time I saw someone wearing a legging under it. Nice!