Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Portland Snow Day

So what is a Portland Snow Day like?  What does it take to get school canceled because of snow in Portland? 
Answer:  About 1 inch of snow.

Thursday morning we woke up to this.

 About one inch of snow on the ground - enough to cancel school and bring out the inner Idaho boy in Jim.  Even though the snow would be melted and gone in an hour or so he couldn't resist breaking out the old snow shovel and shoveling the driveway.

I grabbed my camera and in my p.j.'s and rain boots I headed out to take some shots.

 And I thought the snow called for some fresh, warm cinnamon bread so I whipped up 3 loaves.
Unfortunately the flour Jim brought me in from the garage was about 13 years old and rancid.  Didn't realize it though until the loaves were baked.  They tasted horrible so they all went in the trash - what a pity!

 Guess I should have stuck to taking photos!

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