Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mama Mia

Saturday night Tessa and I were invited to a Mother/Daughter Mama Mia party by my friend Nanette and her daughter Rachel.

We were asked to dress in 70's attire.  All I remember about the 70's was it wasn't a very good decade for fashion!  Double knit, polyester, plaid pants - not good!

Friday night Jim and I headed over to the eastside to try out a pizza place we had heard about - suppose to be one of the top five in Oregon. It was pretty good and our pizza was huge!

It was on Hawthorne Blvd. so after dinner we headed over to Red Light - a resale/vintage clothing store.  We had fun browsing through all their retro clothes and I managed to find a few things right out of the 70's!!

I found these amazing pants for Tessa  - I think I wore something just like it in the 70's!  The polyester knit shirt was authentic too.  The macrame belt came from my friend Marsha's closet!

For my outfit I had found a pink sequin shirt at Goodwill.  I took of the sleeves and made it into a vest.  I also found the pointy collared, large cuffed double knit 70's shirt for myself at Red Light and then just paired it with some white pants I had - going for the disco look!

 What 70's party would be complete without cheese fondue and chocolate fondue!!

 We ate outside on the patio with our friends the Densleys.

 The decor for the party was great - lava lamps and disco balls!

They had the sing along version to Mama Mia playing and we all danced and sang to Dancing Queen and the other great songs from the movie.  Yes, even us old moms danced too!

The girls even did the limbo - the mom's just watched.

It was a fun girl's night out when the guys were all at Priesthood!

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