Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cali/Leroy Update

I thought I would give an update on Cali and Leroy.  For those of you who might not know, Leroy is what Cali affectionately named her big green cast!

Well, Leroy is no more!  Cali had a doctor's appointment this week.  They removed Leroy so they could xray her foot.  The doctor was very pleased with the way her foot was healing but wanted to put another cast back on for 3 weeks or so.  Cali begged and pleaded with the doctor, promising that if the doctor would allow her to be in a boot  instead of a cast she PROMISED she would not put any weight on it.  The doctor agreed.  So Cali is now castless but in a boot but still non weight bearing so thus still on her little scooter.

One of the main reasons Cali wanted to be rid of the cast was it was so big she couldn't get any of her pants over the cast and had to wear skirts or dresses everyday for the last 3 weeks.  She wanted her pants back!

She has discovered there are some advantages to having a big green cast on your leg though.

Last weekend she and her friend Brittany went up to Salt Lake on Sunday to go to conference.  They did not have tickets.  When you have a big green cast on your leg and are holding a sign that says "We need tickets"  people will choose you over anyone else to give their extra tickets to!  They had no problems getting tickets.

Even with a big green cast on her leg Cali looked stinkin' cute in her new outfit her mother sent her!  I think every girl that breaks their foot deserves a cute new outfit!!

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