Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Less Wise

I guess you could say Jim is a little less wise - that is if losing wisdom teeth makes you less wise!

I really thought we were done with wisdom teeth removal at our house but I was wrong!

Several months ago one of Jim's wisdom teeth (yes he still has all four, or rather did have all four) cracked.  He went to the dentist and was told they would need to put a crown on it.  If you have never had a crown, you are lucky because they are VERY expensive, even when you have dental insurance.

Instead of putting a crown on it we decided that just pulling the thing was a better and less expensive alternative!  If they pull one though, they have to pull the one below it too - you have to be even!

Our friend and dentist Dix did the job!  Wednesday morning Jim got up and took two Halcion pills to get him nice and loopy for the procedure.  I managed to get him in the car and out at the dentists office.  Dix came out to help him in.  They gave him two more of the pills once he was settled in the chair so he was nice and drugged!

Everything went great and they came right out.  Dix told me that we would be able to tell what kind of drunk Jim would be by the way he reacted to the drug.  We now know that Clark is a very funny, loud drunk and Cali is a very emotional, sad drunk.

Well, Jim is a pretty boring drunk.  I think the funniest thing he said was when he told me I had four eyes and he didn't cry at all.

When I got him home he was so out of it I couldn't even get him out of the car.  He was total dead weight.  Fortunately our neighbor Mike was still home so I called him on my cell and he came out and helped me get Jim into the house.  Jim was so uneven on his feet and totally dead weight that we didn't think we could get him upstairs so we just parked him on the couch. He then preceded to sleep for the next 5 hours without waking up once!

I had a lunch appointment with a blog reader who was in town visiting so Tessa came home early from school (she only missed lunch and independent study) so she could babysit Jim.  I was afraid to leave him alone.

I had a great lunch with my new friend Cathy from Utah.  She and her husband were in Portland for a little mini vacation.  We had a delicious lunch and dessert at Papa Haydens.  We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful Indian summer we are having!  Yes, we both ate the entire dessert!

When Jim finally woke up he enjoyed a Jamba Juice (although he has no recollection of eating).  The Quillins from next door came to check on the patient and brought him a pint of chocolate Haagen Daz which he consumed all in one setting and the only way he knows he ate it was the chocolate stains all over his shirt.

I bought some mashed potatoes (yes bought!) at the store.  They were REAL potatoes.  I then told him I had made them so he would eat them - figured he wasn't going to remember anyways!  He watched a Mariner's game which he has no recollection of either. 

I think he must have asked me the same questions over and over and over again all day long!  I finally told him I wasn't going to answer any more questions because he wasn't going to remember and we would just wait until the morning to answer them.

Fortunately Thursday morning he was much better although he had basically no memory of anything from the entire day before!  Fortunately his mouth was great - no pain, no swelling and he went off to work!  I was glad because I had another lunch date with a couple of friends a fun new burger place down in the Pearl - Little Big Burger - so good!!

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