Sunday, January 24, 2010

She Did It!

Last week was an exciting one at our house - Tessa got her driver's license.  She had an appointment Tuesday morning at 8:20 - didn't want her to miss too much school.

She passed with flying colors!  I can't believe I forgot to take my camera to the DMV - can you believe it?!  I always have my camera it seems but not that morning.  Fortunately I had my phone though, the pictures aren't great but better than nothing!

Here she is, signing her name to the official paper work!!
Outside the DMV

And showing off her new license - it is just a paper copy - you have to wait to get the real one in the mail.

And ready to drive herself to school for the first time! 

And yes I made her call me when she arrived at school to make sure she got there o.k.!!
I can't believe my baby has her driver's license.  I think Logan took it harder than I did - it freaked him out that his little sister can now drive by herself!!


Tamara said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats to Tessa on getting that coveted piece of paper. And congrats to the parents too. . . .No more carpooling around. Good Luck and remember, "look, signal, look." Every time I change lanes still I can hear my driver's ed teacher yelling this. We know you'll be a safe driver.

Pam said...

Leigh Anne, Hi. It's Pam Gerber. Tamaras friend from Mesa. I was so tickled to read about your photography class. I am taking one as well. I laughed because I too have always taken shots in fully auto mode! I can't wait to see what we can really do! funny thing is. people were always telling me how good my photos were! Imagine!

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Hi Pam! Learning to shoot in manual is a little like learning a foreign language - all the new terms. It's amazing how much science/math is involved in photography! Have fun with your class, you'll have to share some of the shots you take!!