Sunday, January 24, 2010

Downtown Photo Shoot

I am taking a photography class.  I was on the waiting list for the class for 9 months and am so excited to finally be participating.  It is a real challenge for me.  I have always shot pictures in total auto mode on my camera.  In this class we are learning to shoot strictly in manual mode, learning all about f stops, shutter speeds, iso's etc.  It's like taking a science class and it has pushed my old brain into gear.  I am also learning about photoshop at the same time - information overload!!

So I have to take different types of photos each week.  Today I am going to share some of the photos I took for this week's assignment.    These photos are SOOC or Straight Out Of the Camera - a new term I just learned .  No photoshop involved.

Tessa got to be my model.  After we had breakfast downtown we did a little photo shoot.  We found a vacant parking lot and it had this fun Mexican food cart in the corner that we used for a few of the photos too.

 We had such a fun time!  Hope you enjoy them and I hope my teacher likes them too!!  I must admit it is hard to take a bad picture when you have such a pretty model!

And then we had to get some fun and crazy shots in too!

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Tamara said...

Cool, cool, cool pictures. Tessa definitely is our model! Thanks for sharing!