Monday, November 9, 2009

NHS Inductions

Last week Tessa was inducted into the National Honor Society.

Jim and I had tickets to see Ragtime downtown at the Center Stage Theater so we weren't able to go.  The theater had found me through my Homebased Portland blog and offered us free tickets to the show.  The show was amazing!  I had seen Ragtime once before years ago with Logan.  It is a wonderful show and the music is great!  The costuming and lighting were wonderful but the set was the most amazing - all it was - was wooden chairs.  They created an amazing show with just a few chairs!

Hannah filled in as Tessa's mom and photographer for the evening.

As a member of NHS you are required to give so many service hours each semester.  Tessa is already busy loggin her time.  Tonight she is at a blood drive at one of the local churches volunteering!  Yeah Tessa!
Thanks Hannah for helping out!


Tamara said...

Congrats Tess on this huge honor! Good Luck with all your volunteering and all!

Emily said...

Congratulations Tessa!!! Hannah did a great job with the photos, I especially like the last one with the certificate and rose. They are lucky to have you Tessa!