Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blazer's Edge

Several weeks ago Clark told me about a website he frequents often - Blazer's Edge.  I guess it's a pretty big deal as far as Blazer blogs/websites go - gets a lot of hits every day!  They were raising money to buy tickets for disadvantaged children to go to Blazer games.

If you donated money or bought some tickets they would give a shout out to your website or blog.  Since my boys have such fond memories of going to Blazer games as kids with their dad I was happy to purchase some tickets for other children.

Today Dave over at Blazer's Edge gave a really  nice shout out to my blog.  He even said I rock!!  How fun is that!

I did a blog post featuring some fun foods to snack on while watching the blazer game and some old pics of the boys dressed up as Blazer fans.  Fun!

Check it out!

Here I am on Blazer's Edge!

Here is my Blazer's post.


Emily said...

That is the sweetest post! I love those pictures, those are so going to be pulled out on Sunday at the "collage dinner" :) Congrats on the shout out!!! You sure know how to make a son proud of his mom!

Tamara said...

Great job, Leigh Anne! You do rock!