Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wilkes Kids Update

Before I share our fun weekend report I better give a Kid Update first.

Clark is feeling a little neglected. Since he started his own blog I have not provided updates on him here - if you are not reading his blog over at you should be! His blog is great and it is fun to read about all the amazing things he is doing.

For those of you not reading it - he is doing great. Having amazing experiences. He has added Scotland to his list of countries visited. He visited the birthplace of Harry Potter and enjoyed the beautiful view that inspired JK Rowlings. He also got his first paper back and received "High Marks" which is really good! So for more details on his exciting adventures - check out his blog.

Logan is in Provo this summer. He just finished up his last week of camps at BYU. He was a counselor for Young Ambassador Camp and several other ones. So as of Friday he is officially unemployed. We are thinking lots of positive thoughts and know that he is going to find an amazing job soon!! He bought himself a new golf club this week and is enjoying breaking it in.

Cali is busy working at the UPS store 3 days a week and usually babysitting one or two days a week in addition. She is saving lots of money! She is taking a dance class and voice lessons so she is keeping busy. She has been enjoying the sun and heat we have been having but got a little too much of it yesterday and ended up with a mild case of heat stroke. She has been asked to help out with a Primary class on Sundays which gets her out of Sunday School and Relief Society which she wasn't too sad about - didn't like being in there with all us old ladies!!

Tessa is enjoying not being in an the intensive ballet program this summer as she has in the past when she danced 6 days a week. She is taking a modern dance class which is fun for her and her voice lessons. She is volunteering at the library 1-2 days a week and has just enrolled in a BYU Home Study course to get one of her Health credits out of the way. She is also working on her sewing skills and is making herself a skirt. She is headed to EFY next week so of course is busy planning her wardrobe! She and the youth went on a Temple Baptism trip on Friday.

This was a big week for Tessa - not only did she celebrate her birthday with her family all day Monday and then a surprise birthday party Wednesday night she has her first date on Thursday night. They went to a baseball game at PGE Park with 2 other couples. She had a good time.

Both girls went to the premiere of Harry Potter this week attending the 12:5 A.M. showing Wednesday morning/Tuesday night. They loved it.

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