Sunday, July 19, 2009

Barn House

This weekend was the Barn House Flea Market up in BattleGround.

We have been looking forward to it all summer. Last year Tessa went with me and loved it. Since Cali didn't work this Saturday we invited her to come and she joined us. The girls made quite the sacrifice - being read to leave the house at 7:15 a.m. on a Saturday but it was worth it!

The weather was glorious and we had a great time. The whole thing is just pretty, pretty, pretty!! Not only are there fun things to buy but the presentation of everything is what I enjoy the most. Each vendor has their own tented area and everything is displayed so well. You almost hate to buy anything because you don't want to disrupt the masterpiece they have created!
Everywhere you look there are pretty things!

Wouldn't that blue chair and red step ladder look wonderful in my garden!

There was even pretty food!

We found lots of wonderful treasures but only took two home with us - we exercised great restraint! The girl's each found a vintage crinoline. Aren't they cute. I am sure they will find lots of fun, pretty and very fashionable ways to wear them!!

I was excited to see these table decorations in the food booth area. For the wedding reception I am helping with next week I suggested the idea of using blue mason jars filled with gerber daisies and tying a picture of the couple with a ribbon around the jar. Great minds think alike!!


Melinda said...

Barn House looks delightful!

Christina was given a cobalt blue vintage crinoline years back. She found so many fun ways to wear it. I found myself mending it more often than most of her things. Such fun!

Cooper Family said...

Here is the address to my blog.
It was fun having your girls stop by the other night!