Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

Saturday night Tessa and her friend Justin went to the Taylor Swift concert - and no it wasn't a date.

I had to do a bit of explaining to Jim to convince him it wasn't a date! Tessa and Justin (who is a freshman) are friends. Tessa had wanted to go to the concert but tickets sold out right away. Justin's mom works with someone who had tickets but then couldn't use them so they sold them to Justin's mom and Justin asked Tessa if she would like to buy one of the tickets and go with him.

So Tessa paid for her own ticket, Cali and Hannah drove to the concert and Justin's mom picked them - no, it was not a date!

Tessa was excited because another favorite - Kelly Pickler was opening for Taylor.

Justin came over on Friday and he and Tessa decorated their shirts to wear to the concert. I don't know if everyone does this but every time my girls have gone to a concert they have made/decorated shirts to wear??

It was a late night - they didn't get home from the concert until 12:30 as they hung around a while afterwards to see if they could see them come out - no luck!


Tamara said...

What a fun time. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting closer and closer to moving to your neck of the woods. Wish you wre here to help me organize. . . .but maybe you can come over and help me decorate on the other end.

Emily said...

Looks like fun, but I'm pretty sure that would only have happened with the youngest in the family! I'm so glad you had fun!!!

Wynn Jr. said...

It's totally a date.