Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perfect Portland Weekend - Day One

We have a four day weekend! Friday is a teacher planning day so with Memorial Day that makes four days - no school!

In addition to four days off of school Portland is having beautiful weather. I told the kids at dinner tonight that days like today are why we live in Portland - it's why we endure all the rain and dreary days - for incredible days like we are having this weekend. Seventy -five degrees, sunny skies - perfect! It promises to get up to 80 by weekends end.

We kicked off the four day weekend with a trip to the doctor. Tessa has had some major congestion all week and came home from school Thursday with laryngitis. Because of her deviated septum she tends to get sinus infections easily (3 in the last 5 months) so I knew we were in trouble. She felt so yucky she couldn't dance at class on Thursday so I knew we needed a visit to the doctor.

The three girls headed to the doctor Friday morning where he told us he was surprised Tessa could breath at all! He asked how bad she was snoring - amazingly she isn't. Her sinus were totally swollen. He thinks it is probably allergies. So we left with allergy medicine, a nasal spray and a prescription for an antibiotic in case we need it.

We ran over to the Bishop's Storehouse and Dry Pack to pick up some lids for some quinoa I want to can and I bought some cans of beans that were leftover from the dry pack canning the day before. The girls' got a little lesson in how the Social Service/Welfare system of the church works, what the Bishop's store house is etc. I actually think they enjoyed it were amazed by how it all works!

After that we headed out to explore the North Mississippi of Portland. A new and growing trendy area of Portland. Lots of fun little boutique shops and restaurants. We enjoyed lunch at a fun Mexican restaurant. Sitting outside to enjoy the sunshine.

The homemade chips, salsa and guacamole were wonderful!

And we discovered that Carrot/Passion fruit Juice is rather tasty too!

Cali enjoyed a Brian's Bowl - a bowl full of rice, beans, chicken, cheese and veggies...

And Tessa loved her quesadilla. I enjoyed a couple of tacos.

After lunch we wandered up and down the street. Lots of fun little vintage boutiques. Tessa tried on a couple of amazing vintage dresses and then found an old bracelet made out of coins from Peru she bought and a silk vintage scarf. Cali found a fun vest off a sale rack at one little shop.

There was even an old house that was a plant nursery. The girls' couldn't believe it when we found chickens walking around the nursery -right in the middle of the city! Some were in cages and some weren't

After our fun afternoon the boys went to dinner with us at Five Guys Burger and Fries and then we went to see Angels and Demons - I liked it! Seeing all that Roman scenery made Clark anxious for his upcoming European adventures!

Stay tuned for the Perfect Portland Weekend - Day Two!


Tamara said...

Thanks for sharing. So glad you are enjoying some perfect weather. You truly deserve it. You'll have to take me to some of those fun places when I come over for one of my many visits. . . . In three weeks we'll be getting ready to get on the cruise ship. WOW! Do I ever have a lot to do before them. We raised about $13,000 at the dinner and auction on Friday night and fed over 700 people. Now just the garage sale and the golf tournament and they will be on their way to Costa Rica and some miracles. Hugs!

Emily said...

What a perfect day! We will try to enjoy your rain for you down here :)