Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday Fun - Part Two

After we got home from our adventures at the Barn House Jim had a fun family day planned.

We headed out the gorge to do some hiking. It was perfect hiking weather! We did the four mile loop at Latourelle Falls.
After our hike we headed over to Multnomah Falls and had ice cream.

We had googled disc golf courses and found there was one out in the gorge so we stopped by to check it out and play.

The course we have played on in Portland is more like a minature golf course and this new course is like a PGA golf course!!! It was so hard! The girls gave up after the first hole and I lasted for two holes. Jim played nine holes and I just walked along while the girls hung out at the car.

From there we headed home stopping for some Mexican food for dinner. Our strenuous day wore us out and we hung out at home for the evening. Tessa and I watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day - a cute movie and Jim watched the Olympics while Cali hung out with Jameson.


linda said...

I'm so jealous...I love the gorge!

Tamara said...

Thanks, Leigh Anne for your diligence in posting about your AMAZING FAMILY! We love reading about all your adventures and are sorry we are not better about commenting. We can always repent. I tried so many times and figured I had a block or something on. Good Luck with the saying good bye and all. Love, Tamara

Tauna said...

I am finding a lot of places I'd like to visit by reading your blog. We'll have to take a mini vacation to Portland and see all these cool places. The waterfall was beautiful. The boys would love to disc golf course you talked about also. They played that at cub scout camp this year and loved it. My baby is starting kindergaten this year. She is so excited. Thanks for sharing your family events with us. It's nice to keep in touch.