Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Neighborhood Farewell

Another post - I think I am going to set some kind of record this week. You would think I had nothing else to do this week - NOT! I think it is just a bit of avoidance behavior. Not having to think too much about Cali leaving tomorrow:(

Since I don't think any of my family really reads this blog it shouldn't be a problem- if my family does read it they don't ever comment - except sweet Emily and the boys rare comment - thank you Emily!

Hint family: an important part of blogging is commenting!

Blogging without comments is like having a one sided conversation - no fun!
I know my boys at least look at the picures - Logan called last night to comment on how old Tessa looked and why hadn't I said anything about him lately - see he doesn't read it because I gave a Logan update right here!

I do have a few friends who leave comments once in a while - thank you ladies - I appreciate it.

Fortunately people do read my other blog - and I get comments there so I don't feel totally ignored!

But again, I blog for purely selfish reasons - it is a nice record of my family and what we are up to. I print it off each year and viola - our family history is up to date! Love it!

Sunday night our cul de sac neighbors hosted a college send off party for Cali. We gathered for a potluck dinner at the Quillins - lots of good food and fun. The kids played RockBand and the parents chatted. We took some fun pictures too. We are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors - since we don't have much family nearby they have definitely become our extended family.

Cali has the whole neighborhood set up on Skype and webcam now so that she can talk with them all from college!

Here is Cali's new boyfriend


Her other Mom's - Debbie Osborne, Katie Quillin,

Sheri Adams and big sister Caitie Osborne and the real mom - me!

Here is a picture of the whole cul de sac gang!


linda said...

Your neighbors sound wonderful. We are also blessed with great neighbors who we are best of friends with...and who have become like family. Cali's going to miss them.

Emily said...

We moved in a cul de sac hoping for some great relationships just like your family has. Well all hopes of that ever happening are gone!! So we will just keep taking your kids away from you and make time and memories with them! Thanks for sharing. We are going to have to find another cul de sac some day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne! How are you doing? I have been thinking about you this week b/c I know you were taking Cali to school. I hope that you are doing well. I remember my mom taking me to school like it was yesterday. She told me she cried all the way home, at the time I thought it was a little silly but now the tears well up in my eyes when I think about my own son leaving for school one day. And he still has 16 years to go!! But oh how time flies! I wish Cali the very best in her new endeavors and for you the very best also! Take Care!!