Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting Ready for College Week

This was a fun but emotional week at our house. Cali's last full week home before we head to Provo this next week.

We did lots of getting ready to leave stuff. Which translates into lots of shopping!

All three girls got haircuts too - Cali has a DARLING new shorter hair do that we all love.

Tuesday night Cali and I went to a potluck dinner with a group of college bound girls and their moms. This group of girls have known each other since elementary school and played on the same soccer team through 8th grade - they are all now headed off to college. It was fun to get together again.

Wednesday was registration day at the high school for Tessa. I am grateful she still wants me to go with her - I think it was mainly so I could write all those checks! Her school ID picture turned out great which was really important.

Jim was out of town all week in Colorado and Idaho Falls. He got to spend a little time with his parents in IF which was nice. He got home Thursday evening and being the good dad that he is he got into the car 6:00 a.m. Friday morning to help Clark drive back to Provo.

We packed the car with as much of Cali's stuff as we could! Jim drove with him to Boise and then caught a plane back to Portland. Clark arrived safely in Lindon where he will be staying with David and Tricia until he can move into his apartment on Friday. Thank you David and Tricia for taking care of him for us!

Friday was a fun day. While at Girl's Camp this summer the Destiny Leaders and the Craft Leaders decided we need to have a Craft Room Tour. Three of the ladies have great craft rooms in their homes ( I am not one of them, sadly) and we wanted to see them. So the other three ladies(myself included) fixed lunch and we ate out in our garden and then we toured from house to house.

It was so fun - we had lots of fun talking, visiting and laughing and we even got to make a fun craft at one of the houses!

Logan spent the week in Newport Beach with Becca and her family having lots of fun. They spent time on the beach, shopping, and at Disneyland. They also had fun eating Sprinkles cupcakes and Pinkberry Yogurt! We are looking forward to seeing him next week when we get to Provo! We love you Logan!! We love you too Clark!!

This weekend was a busy one but it's almost midnight and I'm tired so I'll write another post tomorrow with some pictures of how we spent our weekend! Night!

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linda said...

I'm experiencing all of this college stuff right along with you.
We are in Tempe, AZ right now just having moved our daughter back here for her sophmore year at ASU.

She moved into an apartment so we've been busy getting the girls all settled in. They started school today so I'm anxiously awaiting her call this afternoon to see how all her classes went. Normally we would have gone home already but tomorrow is her birthday so we've stuck around to help her celebrate. Last year she was here, not knowing a single soul, and had her birthday alone. We'll head home on Wednesday.

Good luck with getting Cali all settled in. You'll be in my thoughts.