Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Summer....

My children will be proud - I'm actually updating the blog on time this week. One of the few things I have accomplished this week.

When I returned from Minnesota I brought a dozy of a head cold home with me. I spent the rest of the week tired and groggy thanks to drugs.

Despite the head cold I was able to finish Eclipse so I can now start Breaking Dawn since Tessa has finished (Cali is almost) done. I also finished the top of a quilt I had started two years ago - yeah! Unfortunately I forgot to buy backing fabric for it so now I am on a fabric hunt to find something that will work.

Aunt Pam from Canada spent the week with us (she left today and has made it safely to the border with no vehicle problems!) It was fun to visit with her.

Clark and I took her to Pittock Mansion and for a view of Portland. Unfortunately it was a bit hazy so you weren't able to see most of the mountains My folks took her to Multnomah Falls

Clark also went on a river boat ride with her up and down the Willamette which they both enjoyed and then dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken (Pam's request). Pam treated all of us to Chinese food Saturday night - thank you Pam!

I had fun going through the old photos of her parents, my grandparents, and I have started a digital album of them. Now I just need my dad and Pam to help me with the journaling part.

Tessa enjoyed her first real "free" week of summer - no dance, no camp etc. She and Hannah went down to Roseburg to the Douglas County Fair. They saw Kelly Pickler (American Idol contestant) in concert and they all wore their red high heels to the concert (she sings a song called "My Red High Heels)

There was a lot of reading going on at our house in between things as both girls raced to finish Breaking Dawn - Tessa wins!

Both girls enjoyed going to see the Premiere of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Part Two - this week, in fact Cali saw it twice.

We are also enjoying the beginning of the Olympics. Cali celebrated with a party here at the house with some of her friends Friday night for the Opening Ceremonies. She had food from all different countries and we even made little flags from each of the countries to decorate the table - Mini tacos from Mexico, Pot stickers for China, Mini Quiche from France, chocolate chip cookies from the US, pizza from Italy and some spinach filled thing from Greece!
Jim and I went to a BBQ at some friends that evening where we watched the opening ceremonies.
We also spent a bit of time this week getting Cali ready for school - she was excited when her new computer arrived in the mail! It's amazing how much stuff she and Tessa share (flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer, make up brushes, etc.) that we now need to purchase for Cali!
After a trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday we came home and Jim and Clark played Paul Bunyan. One of our large trees in the back corner was leaning dangerously close to the wall so it needed to come down.

Clark got the job of cutting down the tree while Jim supervised

Cali got to stand on the other side of the wall to prevent any innocent passerbyers from being hit by a falling tree!

Jim carefully covered the wall with blankets and boards to hopefully prevent the tree from knocking over the wall if it fell on it.

My job was to stay out of the way and take pictures!

After cutting most of the way through Clark wrapped a rope around the tree and PULLED! TIMBER!!

Logan spent a lot of time working this week as Becca was out of town for several days down in LA auditioning for the LA Wicked. She is back now and they are in Bountiful for the weekend. Becca's brother who lives in China and her brother who lives in England are in town so Logan is meeting the rest of the family!

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