Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Night Fun

Last year at our Relief Society Service Auction I won a Putt Putt Golf Night at the Bairs. Pres. Bair is our Stake President and he and his wife, Linda, live on the Claremont Golf Course - just across the street from us. There is an 18 hole putting course basically in their front yard!

Jim had the trickest shot of the evening!

We had a fun time playing the 18 holes and Linda was a wonderful hostess. She took photos for us and then treated us to ice cream afterwards and a prize for the winner. Pres. Bair who is an ob/gyn was on call at the hospital. Linda showed up at our door an hour or so after we got home with a CD of the pictures she had taken, pictures she had printed off and a certificate for us! Thank you so much Linda!

I even got a hole in one!

The winner - of course!

Linda - the perfect hostess.


Logan said...

Wow don't know if I have missed home as much as I do right now looking at all these pictures in awhile. Love you guys and I can't wait to you all come to Provo at the end of the month.

The Wilkes Week said...


You were thought of often last night as we played. I always miss you more when we are all together like that doing some activity.
I know you would have had so much fun with us.

If it helps - I talked about you alot with Sister Bair! Love you boy and can't wait to see you!