Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wisdom of the Teeth

This week Tessa had her wisdom teeth removed - I am glad I only have four children and thus only have to go through this experience four times!

Testy Tessa
On Wednesday afternoon Tessa had her four "boney impacted' wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon. We opted for an oral surgeon this time vs. a dentist after Cali's experience with her wisdom teeth (more on that later) The nurse warned me that they really had to dig to get them out and she was going to be sore and swollen - they were right. Not only was she swollen she has bruises under her eyes!

Five days later Tessa still does not look like herself. The first day (when she was half way coherent and not being onery because of the pain) she looked in the mirror and commented "I don't even recognize myself.' Still today at church, the brother in the front row turned around and asked who Tessa was (half joking but half serious)! She is still in a lot of pain, we are trying to manage it with motrin instead of the oxycodone she had been taking. Trying to prevent an addiction as she is the child who use to ask for motrin as an afternoon snack!

Cali and Clark both had their teeth removed by a dentist who instead of an anesthesia used the drug halcion - I must say Cali and Clark's wisdom teeth experiences were a lot more amusing as a result.

Crying Cali
They say that many times the reaction people have to halcion is similiar to how they would behave if they were drunk - in that case we now know that Cali would be a very emotional drunk.

As we drove out of the dentist's parking lot after the extraction Cali burst into tears, crying and sobbing. She was convinced that the dentist (a family friend) had used no pain medication and that she had felt EVERYTHING. In between her sobs she told me that we could no longer be friends with him because he was a very MEAN man! She sobbed all the way home - I tried not too laugh too much but it was really hard! Once home she began sobbing and crying for her Jamba Juice that a friend was bringing over "I Want my Juice!" sobbing almost uncontrollably. Her recovery was a rough one too - in fact the dentist admitted it was the hardest extraction he had ever done and they actually ended up going up into her nasal cavity so she was put on an anti-biotic which we discovered later that night that she was allergic to!

Cali has refused to give me permission to post a photo of her after her extraction - needless to say she didn't look great!

Crazy Clark
Clark also was given the drug halcion. Because it can make you quite incoherent they suggested that I give him the drug a few hours before his appointment but to put him in the car first and let him fall asleep there since he was a bit bigger than I am and I might have trouble getting him into the car once the drug took effect. So we put him in the car and I gave him his drugs but two hours later, 30 minutes before his appointment he was still wide awake. I called the dentist and they said to give him another pill. We arrived at the office - Clark walked in on his own, sat in the waiting room and began looking at a magazine. Still it seemed like the drug was having no effect.

Well - a few minutes later it hit - sitting in the waiting room there was a cute, blond, high school girl -Clark proceeded to lean over in his chair, stare straight at her and ask me in a loud voice - "Is she hot mom, is she hot?" I smiled and explained to the girl that he was on drugs. He then proceeded to roll out of his chair and onto the floor - now this was a very small waiting room and Clark was taking up the majority of the floor space.

The doctor came out quickly and helped Clark walk back into the office. All went well and they got him back into the car for me to go home. I realized I was out of gas so needed to go across the street to the gas station. As the car was being filled with gas (remember we live in Oregon and they do it for you here!) he proceeded to jump out of the car and began dancing around and singing. We now know that Clark would be a very funny drunk because if you know Clark, you know he doesn't sing or dance! I got him back in the car and he started demanding to know where his teeth were - he wanted his teeth because he wanted to make a necklace out of them - he asked over and over again. (I quickly called the office but they had already disposed of them).

On the way home he assured me he was fine and that he was good to drive over to the high school and go to Lacrosse practice. I assured him he was not! When we got home I needed to go to the pharmacy to fill his perscriptions but was afraid to leave him home along - thinking he would try to leave and drive to school. I took his car keys with me and called my mom to come down and babysit him. Clark has no recollection of any of this!

Lovely Logan

O.K. so maybe he doesn't look too lovely but it was a lovely, easy extraction. Logan also had his wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon. He was sore and swollen but other than that he was the easiest wisdom tooth extraction we had - sorry Logan no funny stories! But I do have a picture.

So my week was full of changing ice packs, dispensing drugs and sewing. The deadline for costume completion is this coming Saturday and I have A LOT of work to do yet - wish me luck.

Boy Update:
Logan and the Young Ambassadors performed in Logan Saturday night and did a workshop before the show. They also had a fireside tonight. He sounded tired when we talked to him on the phone tonight.

Clark had a boy's night on Friday night with his roommates to Benihanas and then a group date last night to make empanadas with one of his buddies who went to Argentina on his mission. Clark's stake received a new Stake President today - President Monson's son.

So if you made it through all four wisdom teeth experiences - click on comments below and let us know whose story you like best!


Emily said...

Hands down, Clark's win! We would love to get some of those pills for the next dinner we have. We also encourage Cali to humble herself and give us something to compare her beautiful senior pictures, we still have room for one on our magnet board.

All our love to all!

Logan said...
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Logan said...

I would have to say that this is a testament that I was the best and easiest child to raise. Mom even said so today on the phone!!!