Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bittersweet Week

This was a bittersweet week - one full of lots of activities but also some sadness with the passing of our Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. The girls and I just returned from my parents where we watched a recording of the funeral. (for some reason our recording didn't work:( The girls were not home on Saturday so were unable to watch it. What an amazing man! The funeral was a wonderful tribute to his life, his character and his service.

I spent a lot of time grocery shopping this week in preparation for the Stake Relief Society dinner I was in charge of Friday night. We feed about 350 women - originally we planned on 250 so am glad we decided to up those numbers. If you are interested in what we served and the recipes check out my other blog. I had an amazing committee of women and all ran fairly smoothly except when I realized I had left all the salad dressing in the refrigerator at home - fortunately Jim came to the rescue and ran home and got it!

We had a wonderful program after the dinner - a woman, Tayva Patch, who is an LDS actress was the speaker. She has been in a lot of different LDS movies including playing Mary, the mother of Jesus in The Testaments and Lucy Mack Smith in The Restoration. She has played many other women of the scriptures. She shared her experiences with getting to know these women and playing them. It was very good and interesting.

For our YW activity this week we had a lesson on etiquette which I taught at our house. Tried to make it fun for the girls and we even did some fun napkin folding tricks. It is amazing how many people do not know how to set a table properly! (the napkin should never touch the silverware!)

Thursday night Cali performed in the "Give My Regards to Broadway" show at Westview. This is where all the kids practice their acts that they are taking to Regionals which was this weekend . Cali sang a song from "Into the Woods" - '"On the Steps of the Palace" Of course she did an great job and looked beautiful!

Friday was spent cooking and preparing for the dinner Friday night. Saturday I got to sleep in - yeah! Cali spent the day at Regionals and finished up at 3:00 - just in time to get home and get ready for MORP (Prom spelled backwards and the girl ask boy dance) She had an hour to get ready before 28 kids (yes 28!!) showed up at our house to take pictures. With a handful of parents taking pictures too we had a houseful.

Tessa spent the evening having a "Spa Night" with a group of friends - they gave themselves facials, did each others makeup and did their nails - Tessa came home with black fingernails!

Jim and I spent the evening at a going away party for a family in our ward.

Boy Update:
I think it was a sports watching weekend for both boys - Blazer game on Friday and Superbowl today. Clark and Brooke went bowling Saturday night and then up to Salt Lake to Brooke's house for Sunday dinner and to watch the game.

Logan was a bachelor this weekend as Shayla was gone all weekend with rehearsals and auditions. Think he was lonely. He did get his laundry done and his apartment cleaned though!

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