Sunday, September 20, 2015

Utah Weekend Part One

While the boys were enjoying their annual Wilkes' Men Football weekend in Michigan I decided to go to Utah to play instead of staying home alone.

I flew in on Wednesday night.  Jim couldn't figure out why I needed to go so early since he was only going to be gone for the weekend - I told him, because I can!

Thursday I met up with a few blogger friends for lunch in SLC at  Even Steven's.

 I had a yummy pot roast sandwich!   I then made a stop at Tai Pan Trading on the way back down to Provo.  I had brought a big suitcase that was only half full so I had some room to take some things back home with me.  I found a few fun Halloween decorations to fill up the suit case.

I met Cali for dinner - we checked out the Provo Food Cart roundup.  I checked out the calzones and Cali enjoyed some BBQ.  From there I headed up to Cedar Hills to go to Ward's choir concert.  They had a special patriotic concert for September 11th.  I ran into  my friend Carol Rice there and it was great to see her.

Afterwards we headed to Taco Amigo for a peach shake!  So glad I made it to Utah while they still had them in season!!  My kids think I come to Utah to see them but really, it's for the peach shake!

On Friday morning I headed down to Salem Utah where I met Logan and checked out where he is living with his buddy Lane. He had just moved back to Provo from San Diego the night before.  We ran to Costco and Wal Mart and then enjoyed some yummy pizza at Two Jacks for lunch.  Thanks Logan!  He then headed to the airport for the big football weekend.

For there I drove up to American Fork where I met Cali at the DI and we did some costume shopping for her Shakespear Team.  We did good and got almost everything she needed.  I worked on sewing boot covers for the two armies while I was there too.

That afternoon I met Cali up at Sundance to ride the zipline - it was so fun!  We had a blast!!

We loved it and wish it had lasted longer!  The weather was perfect and the few amazing.

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