Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend in San Diego

Since Logan is moving back to Utah we figured we better make one more quick trip down to San Diego to enjoy that beautiful city  he has been living in!

Jim and I flew in Friday morning.  Logan had been in Utah all week working and he and Ashley were flying in later that afternoon.

After we picked up the rental car we headed to Snooze, a restaurant Logan had recommended for breakfast.  There was a bit of a wait but it was definitely worth it!

Jim had the hash which was probably the best hash either of us has ever had!
Logan told me the Cinnamon Roll Pancake was his favorite so I ordered the Pancake Flight which is 3 different pancakes - I got the cinnamon roll, blueberry danish and strawberry shortcake pancake.  They were all amazing but the cinnamon one was my favorite too.
From there we headed up the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy the scenery and stop at a few shops along the way.  Of course we had to enjoy a little time walking on the beach too.

I enjoyed my first fish tacos of the trip in Encinatas at Fish 101.

Before heading back down to SD we stopped at the Cardiff Market to pick up some Cardiff Crack - amazing tri tip that has been marinaded.  I wish they gave out the recipe.  Got it for Sunday dinner!

We met up with Logan and Ashley and went out to dinner at a yummy hamburger spot and then went down to listen to the San Diego Symphony at their outdoor concert on the water front.  It was the perfect evening for an outdoor concert.

It was an evening with Tchaikovsky and they ended the evening with the
1820 Overture complete with real cannons going off that about scared us to death and fireworks!  The San Diego Aztecs marching band joined the orchestra on stage for the finale too - it was pretty awesome!

After the concert we walked over to Extrodinary Desserts and it was pretty extrodinary!!
 We ended up with a piece of the lemon ricotta cake,  the flourless chocolate cake with berries  and a cheescake coffee cake - all of it was delicious!
 Everyone's favorite though was the flourless chocolate cake topped with berries!
On Saturday we started the day in LaJolla at Richard Walker's Pancake house.
 Logan got the Dutch Baby and Ashley got an omelet.

 I got their famous Apple Pancake and it was pretty much to die for!
We then went down to the ocean and picked up our kayaking gear.
Kayaking in the ocean is a lot different than on a river in a bay like I am use too.  We had some pretty big crashing waves we had to get through to get out to where we were going to kayak.  Let's just say Jim and I had a little problem getting through them and we ended up capsizing!  I hadn't worn my bathing suit because I hadn't planned on getting wet!  That didn't work out so well.  I ended up soaked from head to toe and my nice sunglasses are now on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean somewhere.

I also managed to get stuck under the kayak when I fell in.  After a few panicky seconds (which seemed like a lot longer)  Jim lifted the kayak off of me.  Fortunately Ashley was watching out for me and noticed that I didn't surface from the water.  She was ready to use her lifeguarding and CPR skills while Logan just sat in the kayak unconcerned!  Fortunately she didn't have to use them!

Once we were finally out on the ocean it was great.  We even had a dolphin surface about 15 feet in front of us and there were a few sea lions too.  

More fish tacos were in order after my tramatizing experience and we headed back to Pacific Beach where Logan lives and went to Oscar's for lunch!  So good! 

Jim and I went back to the hotel to shower and change and Logan and Ashley went back to their place to get ready.  But before Jim and I went back to the hotel we had to make a stop at Mr. Frosty for my soft serve ice cream!

 The boys watched the BYU/Nebraska game and the exciting Hail Mary finish to win!  Logan was a little excited to say the least.

That evening we picked up some sandwiches and went on a sailboat cruise around the San Diego Harbor.
Ashley's parents drove down from the LA area to join us for the sail.  It was really nice to meet them and get to to know them a bit.

It was really relaxing and beautiful.  Logan had found  a private boat that we could hire to take us out for two hours.

After our sail we headed back to PB and made an ice cream stop at Cream.  They do ice cream sandwiches and they were delicious.  The cookies are warm!

We attended church on Sunday and then back to Logan's to enjoy or Cardiff Crack - it pretty much melts in your mouth.  We then went over to Coronado Island for an outdoor concert in the park.  We took some picnic food along in case we got hungry.  They had an ABBA Tribute band performing and they were great.  I even danced to Dancing Queen!

After the concert we headed back to PB to enjoy the sunset on the beach.  It was a beautiful evening and we even saw the green flash as the sun set!

We couldn't leave PB without one more of these!

Monday morning Jim and I flew back home to Portland and Logan and Ashley enjoyed a day on the beach.

It was a beautiful weekend and so much fun!  We loved spending time with Logan and Ashley and getting to know her better>

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