Monday, April 7, 2014

San Diego Day One

We were so excited that we were able to spend a long weekend down in San Diego visiting Logan.  It was nice to have somewhere to go besides Provo, Utah.  Don't get me wrong I love going to see my kids in Utah but I am just a little excited that one of them is now living somewhere other than Utah.  Although the downside to it is, when I do go to Utah, (which is often) I don't get to see all the kids.  Oh, well,  I'll just be grateful that I get to go see my kids, wherever they might live.

San Diego is beautiful!  Pretty much the perfect place to live.  The weather is amazing, the scenery is beautiful and they have delicious fish tacos.  I think I could move there.

Logan lives in Pacific Beach and is only a mile from the beach.

Jim and I flew in Thursday morning, rented a car and did a little sightseeing on our own as Logan was working.

We headed out to Point Loma and checked out the Cabrillo Monument Visitors Center.  This is the spot where the first Europeans set foot on Western American soil.

There are two light houses.  The old one...

and the new one which you couldn't get very close to....

There was a beautiful view of downtown San Diego from the point.

There were also some great views of the coast.  We were close to Mexico and in fact my phone went into roaming mode and started picking up Mexican cell service!!

Point Loma is part of a naval area so there is a beautiful military cemetery on the point.
From Point Loma we drove over to Old Town San Diego where we ate lunch sitting outside a Mexican restaurant.  They made the tortillas right there next to us - so yummy!

After lunch we went over to the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center and took a tour.

We met some darling sister missionaries and since we were the only ones on the tour Jim got to dress up like a member of the Battalion.  It was interesting to learn more of the history of the Battalion.
We then did some more walking around Old Town and then headed over to meet Logan at his office.  Logan's office is beautiful and located in the UTC area of La Jolla.  We played a game of pool before heading over to see the San Diego Temple.

We then headed to the airport to pick up Tessa and then get some dinner.
We walked over to a restaurant just down the street from Logan's house and had some amazing fish tacos - the first of many!
From there we went for dessert at The Baked Bear where we had a yummy ice cream cookie sandwich for dessert.

We then headed to our hotel which was on Shelter Island with a beautiful view of the harbor!

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