Monday, September 23, 2013

Idaho Memories

While we were in Idaho for Grandpa Wilkes' funeral we were able to revisit some of Jim's childhood and teenage memories!

As we drove into Idaho Falls the first day we drove past Jim's old grade school - New Sweden School. 

Much to our surprise the school was totally renovated and open for business again!  This Fall would be the first time it would be open again since it closed down soon after Jim had attended there.
They had done a great job in restoring it and Jim loved revisiting his old school and classrooms.  The school now has one of each grade and is a charter school.  The only thing missing was the old bell.  No one knows what happened to it??

Of course a trip to Reed's Dairy was a must do!

After the gravesite in Teton we drove by Grandma Jane and Uncle Jim's old house.
 Then we drove up to Henry's Fork for a little relaxation.  We stopped at the drive in that had been there since Jim was a boy and had a root beer freeze.

We made it to the river just in time to rent some canoes and go up and down the river.  Was so peaceful and beautiful.

The next morning, the family had breakfast together at Grandma's favorite place before everyone headed home.


 And then a stop by the Idaho Falls Temple.

The kids headed down to Provo and Jim, Tessa and I headed north to go up to Grand Targhee where Jim learned to ski.
 As we drove up there the weather looked a little sketchy but was beautiful once we got there.  The view from the top was lovely.

From there we headed to Boise to spend the night before driving home to Portland the next day.  It was a wonderful but emotionally exhausting weekend.
So grateful that families are forever!

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