Monday, July 30, 2012

SNAP Creative Conference

I look for any opportunity or excuse to make a trip to Utah - especially since all four of my kid are there.  In April there was a creative blogger conference going on so I decided that was a good excuse!

The conference was held at Thanksgiving Point which was great since Wynn and Emily live just down the street from there.  I could attend the conference during the day and then spend the night at their house.

The conference was great, I learned some and got to meet some fun bloggers I had met through their blogs.  One of my new blog friends is Kristen Duke from Texas. 

She is a great photographer and taught a couple of photography breakouts at the conference.  She used Cali and Tessa as the models for her class which was fun!

After she gave us tips and tricks the class members go to practice on someone.  I practiced on my girls of course.  Here are a few shots that I took.

 Tessa's breakout was how to shoot in the full sun - a little more challenging.

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