Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I am a little behind on the old family blog so I will be doing a bit of catch up this week but I wanted to share these photos from our Mother's Day festivities.

Jim didn't have any bishopric meetings Sunday morning so he asked me what I wanted for breakfast.  I told him my usual - a Green Smoothie.  I really love starting my day with a green smoothie.  Besides that it's good for me.  Jim has lowered his cholesterol by 40 points since we starting drinking them once a day!

We then headed to church and Tessa was one of the speakers.  She did a lovely job and embarrassed me by talking about her mother but I must admit it was rather fun to hear.  She made me cry too.

My mom and dad came to church with us so they could hear Tessa speak and then have dinner with us.

Dinner was a joint effort between everyone.  We had a yummy grilled pork tenderloin, rice pilaf, roasted garlic bread, fresh green beans and salad.  Dessert was home made malted milk ice cream with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

How lucky am I have to have this beautiful women as my mother!?

Three generations of women.  Can you see a family resemblance?

Tessa and her grandmother.
Me and my mom.

Happy Mother's Day to us!


Kristen Duke Photography said...

yes, I can see the family resemblance! Thanks for linking up, friend;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't get signed back in after I changed my e-mail. Your mother is an AMAZING woman as are you! See you soon. Tamara