Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Weekend Home

 We were so excited to have Tessa come home for a weekend - man I miss that girl!!  She is my fun buddy - shopping, eating etc. 

She flew home Thursday night and we had the weekend planned out.  Friday was our day to explore some fun new places in Portland and some favorites.

We headed over to the East side because that is where all the fun places are!  Our first stop was Buffalo Exchange on Hawthorne where she found some fun new finds.
 I kept myself entertained when she tried things on!
 She found a fun vintage dress that of course looked darling on her plus a few other things!

 We did a few Totally Tessa photo shoots while she was home too!
 For lunch we hit one of our favorite Eastside spots - Pour Que No.
 Tacos, Chips, Salsa and Guacamole were the perfect lunch.
I love seeing that face across the table from me!

 A Happy Mama!!
 Our next stop was at Fizz - a fun candy store/soda fountain shop that a blog reader had told me about.

 The have a fun candy selection and over 200 types of soda.

 Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy a good old fashioned ice cream soda at the soda fountain!  Blood orange for me and root beer for Tessa.

 We made a few more stops at a few vintage shops but didn't find much.
 That evening we went to Helvetia Tavern for dinner before going to see a performance of Westview's Music Man.  It was strange to sit in the audience and not have one of my children up on the stage after 13 years!!
Katy Jo joined us for dinner and the show!
 I miss these two crazy girls and their crazy faces.

 Of course there were burgers, goop and fries for dinner.
 A pretty and delicious breakfast for my girl.
 Saturday we headed over to do some thrifting on the East side again at Red, White and Blue and then checked out a pretty candy store - it was amazing!

We also enjoyed a mother/daughter pedicure date, a trip to New York Pizza and a movie night!  It was so fun to have her home and it was sad to see her leave on Sunday!  Miss my kids!!!

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