Thursday, March 15, 2012

Story@Home Conference and a trip to Utah

I was asked to speak at the Story@Home Conference in Salt Lake last week.  The conference is sponsored by Family Search and Cherish Bound.  They had three different tracks - family history, story telling and blogging.  I spoke on the blogging track about Blogging Your Passion.  I love any chance to get to Utah!

I had the privilege of speaking in this beautiful room - the chapel in the Joseph Smith Building.

 The other best part is that all of these faces were in the front row staring at me!  They had to be up in Salt Lake by 8:30 a.m. which elicited quite a few moans and groans from them but they did it and I loved it.  Thanks to Wynn and Emily who let us all stay at their house Friday night so the drive to Salt Lake would be a bit shorter in the morning.    My friend Diane Lafrandt came to hear me too which was so sweet.

After my presentation the boys headed back to Provo and the girls all went out to do a bit of shopping.  We got a text from the boys that they had just had the best french fries of their life at Bruges, a waffle and frites shop in Salt Lake.  So we decided to make a stop too to check them out.
We enjoyed some Frites and waffles.  We agreed that the waffles are better at the Waffle Window.  What makes the fries so amazing is the delicious sauce they have to dip them in.  We tried the Brazilian on Clark's recommendation and it was amazing.  Now to try and duplicate it at home.
That evening we all went to dinner together to a Mexican place in Spanish Fork.  A blog reader had recommended it and Logan had tried it out previously and loved it.  I can't believe I am going to admit this but I t hink I liked it better than Cafe Rio!!  It is called Casa Salza and everything was delicious, especially their salsa dip.

The best part though was we were all there (except for Jim) together!!  Mark Boothe and his wife Erin were there when we got there so Mark graciously took a photo for me.

 After dinner we headed to Barry's for some yummy shakes and a lot of laughs!  Love it when all my kids are together and enjoying each other.

Strawberry and Brownie was Clark and Jessica's choice!  I went for a chocolate malt.

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