Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aunt Leigh Anne

The last two days I got to play Aunt Leigh Anne.  Jim keeps calling me Grandma Leigh Anne but right now I prefer Aunt Leigh Anne.

My friend Meg went to the hospital on Monday to have her third baby.  I got to play Aunt Leigh Anne to Owen and Addy for two days.  We had lots of fun.

There was lots of Barbie playing going on.

 And  a lot of Lego playing too...

 There was also a little movie watching going on - The Aristocats and Rio as well as a trip to the library for some books and the craft store for some wooden O's to paint for new baby brother Oliver!

 There was pizza for dinner and a game of UNO and then bed time!  After Addy and Owen went to bed I made this cute little banner to welcome baby Oliver home.  Now I just need to sneak it into the house before mommy and baby get home!

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