Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Only A Stroll

On Sunday afternoon some of us decided to go for a hike.  We went to a place that is only 10 minutes from the house in Oswald West State Park out to Cape Falcon.  Jim and I hiked there last fall too.  I told everyone it was only a stroll - not a hard hike at all.

Debbie and Hannah decided to join Jim,. Logan, Cali. Clark and I.

Well I guess my memory is failing me.  It wasn't a hard hike but it wasn't a stroll either.  The other problem was that the path was so muddy!  Really muddy!


Let's just say the white part of our shoes was no longer white when we got done but there were some pretty views to look at along the muddy trail

Oh and did I mention it was muddy!?

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