Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A'cat'emy Awards

Thursday night was the theater awards program.  Since we are the Westview Wildcats they call it the A'cat'emy Awards.  It is always a fun night and the kids get all dressed up.  It is a good excuse to wear that prom dress again.  They even have a red carpet for them to walk into the auditorium on.

Tessa walked the red carpet with her cute friend Rachel.  They have grown up together and have had so much fun together the last couple of years in the shows.

 Dad wanted his picture taken with his pretty girl.

 Awards are given out during the evening for the various shows through the year, things such as best actor, best director etc.
Tessa was recognized as an Honor Thespian and received a cord to wear at graduation.
She also received a very special award - that of Best Thespian for all she has contributed to the deparment during her time there.  So proud of her!

As the Historian for the Thespian Troupe Tessa and Cali (mainly Cali) worked very hard on a Year in Review Slideshow.  It turned out great and it was fun to see pictures from the whole year and all the productions.

Tessa was also in charge of doing gifts for Carolyn (the director) and Ryan (the head tech guy)  They decorated a pillowcase and signed it for Ryan since he practically lives at Westview - it said Westview - Home Sweet Home.

For Carolyn all the seniors created a page in a scrapbook for her.  Both Tessa and Carolyn teared up when Tessa presented it.

One of the most special parts of the evening was when Carolyn did a beautiful tribute to our family from the stage.  She talked about how we had been involved in the program for 12 years - since 1998 and how grateful she was for all that we had done, she listed off all the shows our kids had been in (over 30 I think!) and the different things that we had done.  Of course Jim and I both cried and so did Carolyn.  It was very sweet and touching.

After the program there was cake and punch and of course some more picture taking.

We are very grateful for this lady and the amazing influence and impact she has had on our children's lives and ours!  We love you Carolyn!  You may not have gotten rid of us totally!!!

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