Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother's Day

Jim and the girl's put together a yummy Mother's Day breakfast for me before church. 

I had been wanting to recreate the waffles they serve at the Waffle Window in SE Portland so I did some research and found a recipe for Belgian Waffles that used pearl sugar.  We made a trip to IKEA to buy some and picked up Tessa's college bedding at the same time.

I also found a recipe for a wheat free/sugar free waffle for Cali that they made too and it was pretty darn good!

The waffles turned out amazing.

Then for dinner they fixed a nice pork tenderloin. I made dessert and it was quite delicious - pavlova with lemon curd and strawberries.

There were some pretty flowers for the table from the garden.

And a pretty new garden art flower for the garden from Jim.
I nice day.

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Tamara said...

Great pictures! Glad they spoiled you for Mother's Day! Thanks for all the pictures. . . . .