Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beaverton Farmer's Market - Opening Day

Last week was the opening day of the Beaverton Farmer's Market.  We were so excited.  We love visiting the market and try to go as many Saturdays as possible during the summer.

The weather cooperated and we got the girl's to wake up early on Saturday morning and we headed out.
Tessa and I enjoyed crepes for breakfast while Cali and Jim split an omelet.

There was lots of pretty produce and we even found some yummy gluten free cupcakes for Cali and some yogurt made out of goat's milk which she can have!

There were plenty of pretty flowers too.

The girl's bought me some plants to put in my pots for Mother's Day - now if it would just warm up enough to get them in the pots!

It was a fun morning!

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