Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chicago Trip

Earlier this month I made a quick 36 hour trip to Chicago as a guest of Hillshire Farms.  I have been invited, as one of 15 bloggers from across the country to participate in a new promotion  that will be kicked off in January.  It was cold - about 18 degrees while I was there!

I can't share all the details yet but I sure will as soon as I can.

We were invited back to the test kitchens of Sara Lee where we got to meet Hillshire Farms (a division of Sara Lee's) head chef - Chef Jill.  She was great and she gave us all kinds of tips on how to make a great sandwich!

 We got to take a tour  - one of the packaging department where they have this really amazing machine that can take your drawing of a container and turn it into an actually container - very science fiction like!!
 They took us out for a yummy dinner and we had maple sugar cotton candy for dessert - so fun!

 We also got to practice our own sandwich making skills.
 I do have to say I think mine was the prettiest sandwich there!
 They even had a professional food stylist and food photographer there to take pictures of our sandwich!

Can't wait to share more details about my trip in a few weeks!

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Tamara said...

WOW! Your life is like a whirlwind. . . . . .hope you have some time to breathe and smell the pine boughs this season. Appreciate all your inspiration. Hugs from WA!