Monday, November 1, 2010

Neighborhood Halloweenie Roast

Our 4th and final party of the week - our annual Neighborhood Halloweenie Roast.

We had to have it on Thursday this year because the weekend was full of Homecoming football games and dances.

This year I did a candy bar for the kids and they made their own candy skewers - so fun!

 Of course there were hot dogs - all kinds of hot dogs thanks to Johnsonville who has sent me a bunch of free samples of all their different types of sausages!
 We made some mummy dogs too.

 It rained on and off but the kids still got to roast their hot dogs.

 And of course there was soda!

 Some of our party guests!

 And we bobbed for apples too

 The candy bar and skewers was a bit hit with the kids and the adults.
We love our neighbors!

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