Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We did all of our Halloween celebrating during the week with the Thespian mixer at our house, my Mummies Night Out and our neighborhood Halloweenie roast - I'll post pictures of those events soon.

Today I wanted to share with you the cute Halloween costumes my kids came up with - they are so clever.

Cali and her roommate dressed up as Travelocity gnomes! How cute are they!

I think Cali got something stuck in her beard!

 Of course Cali was a Travelocity gnome from London - her roommate drew the backgrounds for them.  And we finally got to see a picture of Cali on her Scoot Scoot.  Hopefully it is going back this week!

Thanks to Cali's inspiration Tessa also decided to be a gnome but she went with the garden gnome variety.

We found her pants at Goodwill.  She wore her own boots,shirt and vest.  We bought her beard at the Halloween Shop.  We spray painted a party hat from the Dollar Store and I made her mushroom from a bread basket I got at Goodwill, newspaper, a papertowel  roll and spray paint.

Think it turned out pretty darn good!

And then can you guess who Clark is??

 He and his friend Lizzy went as the Captain and Mary Anne from Gilligan's Island - how cute is that!

I think Clark must be talking to his mother on the phone.
Logan was DJing a dance on Saturday night so I'm not sure if he dressed up or not??


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a busy week you've had. Glad you survived all the parties, Homecoming, decorating, fixing food, food, and more food HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tamara

Anonymous said...

All the kids look super. Thanks for sharing! Those Wilkes creative talents were truly put to the test! Tamara

Cali Wilkes said...

Tessa's picture of her head popping out of the tree is the best. I love it. I wish I was that cool.