Monday, July 5, 2010

Saddle Mountain

We started our holiday weekend off with a hike up Saddle Mountain.  It was lots of fun but I must admit I am still feeling the after effects of it on Monday morning.  Saddle Mountain is almost to the coast - about 15 miles from Cannon Beach.  The reason you hike Saddle Mountain is because there is a beautiful view of the Oregon coastline from the top.

The climb is about 1,600 feet in 2 1/2 miles so it is fairly steep.  The trail has been improved but people have died on the trail in previous years, falling over the edge etc. 

We went with our hiking friends Marsha and Larry and we got Cali to join us too.  Tessa as enroute to Portland from Provo. 

We waited until mid day as it was a bit cloudy, hoping it would clear by the time we made it to the top.  It was perfect hiking weather, not too hot, not too cold.  The hike up was beautiful with lots of wildflowers in bloom.

 We bring Marsha along to keep us entertained.

 Although Jim kept the hikers entertained by asking everyone coming down the mountain if the Dairy Queen was still open - so funny!  He and Larry check out the view.

It got foggier and foggier and we went higher.

But the wild flowers were lovely along the way.

It took us about 1 1/2 hours to the top and this was the view!

We waited around a little and caught a small glimpse of the coast line.

Despite the lack of view it was a beautiful hike.

and we had a lot of fun!  If it was Larry or Jim keeping us entertained it was Cali!!

On the way down we hiked out to this point -Cali was freaking Marsha and I out a bit with this one!!

I walked out there and it really wasn't as bad as it looked - there was only a 3 foot drop on the other side of the cliff! 

We were sore and tired at the end and hungry so we stopped at Helvetia Tavern for burgers and fries on the way home - yum!!  After we got home Marsha made a yummy Rhubarb Cream Cake and invited us over.  It don't usually like rhubarb but it was yummy!  Tessa arrived home shortly after that and it was good to have her.  She'll have to give you an update on EFY!!  I guess she and Kristin are quite famous there now!

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Tamara said...

Looks like an incredible activity! Oh the view we get when we get to the top of anything--and the feeling of satisfaction of something accomnpolished. Thanks for your motivation to reach higher and do better.