Thursday, July 8, 2010

London - Day Three

Be sure and check out Day One and Day Two if you missed them.

Day three began with yet another train ride. The train ride out to Cambridge was about an hour or so outside of London. Our main reason for wanting to visit Cambridge was that my son, Clark, had studied there last summer at Kings College and I wanted to see where he had been.

Our train left Kings Cross Station which is where they filmed Harry Potter and where they left for Hogwarts from. Here I am at Platform 9 3/4.

Day Three - Cambridge

Another reason I wanted to go to Cambridge is how often do you get a chance to visit the place where so many amazing things happened and were discovered, including DNA? I felt smarter just because I visited. And look at the fun outfits they wear!


People have been studying at Cambridge since the 13th Century! Cambridge is actually made up of 31 colleges. We were able to visit three of them. Many were closed the day we were there because it was the last day of exams at Cambridge. Let's just say Cambridge was one big party that day! There was a lot of celebrating going on.

I loved the streets of Cambridge.

Day Three - Cambridge

I have one word to describe Cambridge - beautiful!

We began the day with a walking tour of Cambridge. The tour started in this amazing, really old cemetery.


Is it too weird to fall in love with a cemetary?



We were able to tour part of St. John's College. (oops, correction via Clark - this is King's College!)




Day Three - Cambridge

and Corpus Christi College. We had a personal tour of this one by one of Clark's professors.




At Trinity College they planted this apple tree in honor of Sir Isaac Newton who went to school there - that's his room's window that overlooks the tree.


We enjoyed lunch at the famous Eagle Pub and I had my first English Fish and Chips.

Day Three - Cambridge


Cali enjoyed a traditional Pub lunch.


And we couldn't resist some Sticky Toffee Pudding with clotted cream ice cream for dessert - so good!


After lunch we were able to attend Evensong at King's College Chapel.


King's College Chapel which is said to be the most beautiful church in England. I have to agree it is pretty spectacular.


We had front row seats thanks to the Reverend that Clark had gotten to know while he was at school there. You can't get much closer than this!!

The ceiling was amazing!!!


We couldn't leave Cambridge without doing some punting. Cambridge sits right on the Cam River. Punting is a favorite past time in Cambridge and it was a happening place the day we were there because of all the celebrating. We saw our first English skinny dipper! Those Cambridge kids know how to have a good time!

Punting is done in a flat bottomed boat and it is maneuvered down the river by a pole-wielding university student.



The views were beautiful (I'm not referring to the skinny dipper!)



My favorite part of Cambridge? These.....


There are hundreds of them. This is the popular mode of transportation for students and professors. They are everywhere and I want one!

We had an amazing day in Cambridge, rode the train back into London and had dinner at a pub and watched the World Cup.

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