Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Reunion - Tuesday Night/Family T-Shirt Night♦

So what does a house full of Wilkes' look like?  This...

  So fun!

A house full of lots of cute cousins enjoying each other!
 Nikki and Mark

Tessa and Nikki (Nikki was pretty popular)

Nikki and Sadie!


Jayna was in charge of dinner Tuesday night with some help from some of the Rebers.
It was a yummy Cafe Rio night!

We dined on the terrace!
Cousin Micah designed some amazing t-shirts for the family reunion.  He took the name Wilkes and made it into a big word search. The name of every family member is part of the Wilkes - so fun!!

We had a fun time trying to find our name in there!
Each family got to choose their own color.  

Grandma and Grandpa were navy!
The Reber/Hogsett family minus Tyler - we missed you Tyler!  We enjoyed having Richard's daughter Christine with us - we loved getting to know her.

The Wynn Wilkes family were white.  We missed having Mikala (who is on her mission) and Chersten and her family at the reunion! Kendra and Marcus were here earlier in the week but left on Monday.

The Jim Wilkes family - all accounted for!

The David Wilkes family minus Ryan who is on his mission as well as the newlyweds Eric and Diane.

The Nelson family without Tom or McKay - missed you guys!

The whole family - look what they started!!

The grandkids and great grandkids!!!  Amazing!

Look where it all started from...

A family of 7 becomes 77!!

I loved the back of the shirts too - Manzanita 2010.  Thanks to Emily for organizing and ordering the shirts and Micah for his art work!

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Love Our House said...

I ran across your blog and fell in love with these shirts! Would it be possible to get a customized graphic for my family? My mom just assigned me the task and the reunion is in 2 weeks! We have a printer, just not a design yet . . . britney (at) angleseyfamily (dot) com