Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Reunion - Cape Lookout Hike

Tuesday morning we headed down south to Tillamook to hike Cape Lookout.

We have hiked it numerous times and it is a beautiful hike and not too strenuous. Although there were a few complaints that Jim oversold the hike as being flat and easy. Guess he forgot there were some inclines but everyone made it!!

There are lots of amazing "lookouts" along the way.
On the way up!!
The first ones to the top!  (I am taking the picture!!)

The highlight of the hike - a snake!!

We're glad Grandpa made it to the top o.k.!!  Not bad for an 84 year old man!!

The view from the end of the point was beautiful.  A perfect hiking day!
A nice man took our group picture for us.

Heading back down a few of us needed a little extra help...

But we all made it!

We may have tired and sore feet but we did it!  And we are all ready for ice cream!

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