Sunday, March 28, 2010

While She Was Gone

I have heard second hand that David (Jim's brother) would like to see more photos of Jim on the blog.  So in honor of David's request here is what Jim spent a lot of time doing this week:
It is what we affectionately refer to as "shoveling poop" at our house.  Yes this black gold is what makes our garden grow and every year Jim puts a nice blanket of it down on our flower beds.  His buddy Declan came over and helped him too but I missed the photo op!
Thanks to this black gold and Jim...
here are some of the beauties that are currently blooming in our yard.  So many more to come!!
and then the next day it looked like this....

Tulips are my favorite!
I loved the raindrops so perfectly lined up....
Wish you could smell this one - it is divine!  It sits near our front door so you are greeted by it's amazing scent every time you walk up to the door.

And this one isn't blooming in our yard but on our neighbor's porch.

Glad my neighbor's like pretty flowers too!

Happy Spring!!


Tamara said...

Gorgeous pictures. Thank goodness for the Wilkes farmer blood. So many of us are blessed by your beautiful yard!

Clark said...

Dad's hair looks great!