Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break - Utah

Tessa flew to Utah last Monday for her Spring Break.

We missed her here at home but she had a fabulous time with her siblings and her Wilkes cousins.  In fact we go a phone call from Emily on Friday saying Tessa needed to stay longer.  Unfortunately it was too expensive to change her ticket.  She felt bad missing Mikala's mission call opening ceremony and baby Ellie's blessing!

Congrats to Mikala who is going to El Salvador on her mission!

Tessa loved spending time with her sister.
and her brothers too!

She went to dance class with Cali and even walked up this hill that Cali walks up all the time ALONE!!!
They went to the grocery store to stock up on some real nutritious food for the week!

Their own personal container of ice cream and some sugar cereal too!!

Clark did fix all four kids a nice meal one night - way to go Clark!!! You make me proud!!

Love seeing my four kids together enjoying each other!!

Logan and the girls went to the temple one night to do bapisms (Clark has to go home teaching and had an appointment with his Bishop)

And of course they had a fun time seeing and playing with some of their Wilkes cousins.
They got to meet Baby Ellie and delver the quilt I made for her.

And of course spending time with Addy, Ward and Jacki is always a highlight!!

Emily and the girls went and had pedicures!

and they all just enjoyed being together!!


Tamara said...

What a fun Spring Break and darling pictures!! Wish I could have joined you for all the fun!

Dave Wilkes said...

Your kids did say that IF there was a picture of Jim included, that it would be with the poop...

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Dave - ha ha! They were right! It was either shoveling poop or watching a ball game!